Tudor black bay bronze: the latest classic trend

Tudor black bay bronze: the latest classic trend

Measuring time has been one of the most important things in life for humans. Time is the base of everything. Wall clocks were not enough for us. We need portable devices. That led to the invention of wristwatches that worked based on oscillating wheels. They were mechanical devices. However, the discovery of quartz watches that displayed digits on a screen with the help of a battery, was soon into the play by the 1960s. Today, the world works behind smartwatches that are capable of being connected by Bluetooth to our mobile phones. No matter how many advancements occur, mechanical watches will have their essence, which welcomes us to our today’s topic, tudor black bay bronze.

All you need to know about Tudor.

Tudor is a wristwatch manufacturing company based in Geneva, Switzerland. It was registered in the year 1926. It was founded by Hans Wilsdorf, who is also the founder of another wristwatch maker brand Rolex. Tudor remains the sister company of Rolex. Hearing about the sister companies, a single question might rise in many minds of the readers. What makes Tudor different from Rolex? The answer is simple. Their specialty. Tudor mainly specializes in and manufactures watches for military and professional divers. They focus on waterproof and long-lasting products. They make watches that can sustain rough usage.

tudor black bay bronze

Tudor also played a huge role in promoting the waterproof case “oyster” along with Rolex. However, the brand introduced its first-ever independent design named “the prince” in the year 1952. “The prince” was the first ever self-winding design used by both Tudor and Rolex. The company has also earned its name after manufacturing millions of oyster submariner watches especially for the US navy. “the big crown” and “the snowflake hands” are a few other editions that the brand takes pride in. recently, the north flag designed and introduced in the year 2015 was greatly admired by the buyers.

Tudor black bay bronze; an overview

After years of service, Tudor sure has earned a name for its excellence in the industry. The latest model Tudor black bay bronze is currently running in the sale. It is heavily admired by watch lovers. To the people who love classic black watches, the product sure is an eye candy. Its 43-millimeter bronze case acts as an aesthetic reference in brass used in old ships giving it a classic look that would shine on a diver’s or a navy’s wrist. What makes the design more heartwarming is that it has adopted the theme of angular hands that were seen in the design “the snowflake hands” in the year 1969. The design itself brings out memories of the old times.

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