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Ameren Illinois Wants State Regulators To Increase Rates On The Delivery Section Of Your Bill

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. -The Illinois-based company Ameren Illinois is asking state regulators to increase rates on the delivery portion of your bill. It charges for delivering natural gas and electricity to your home. While Ameren doesn’t profit from the supply portion of your bill-you select a retail electric supplier for that-it earns a profit from its delivery services. It’s important to know the people this rate hike request will affect.

The Energy Plug In Illinois Ameren Bill

You may have noticed that your electric and/or natural gas bill is higher this month than the previous month. This is due to increasing prices of natural gas caused by the conflict in Ukraine and restrictions placed on Russian fuel. The cost increases are also due to the necessity to invest in improvements and maintenance of the power delivery system.

In addition, ameren is required to invest in a variety of projects under the Customer Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (CEJA). The ICC approved an investment plan that includes $625 million over the next 10 years for improvements to energy reliability, decrease power outages, and support customers who are using renewable, clean energy sources like solar.

Ameren also recently filed with the ICC for a rate increase to cover these new investment costs. If approved these new rates will be in effect in 2023.

The new charge will be a ‘Purchase Energy Adjustment’ on your electric bill. This is the cost of buying your electricity on the wholesale market. You can find the details of your supply options in the Electric Supply section of your Ameren Bill or on the internet at Ameren Price to Compare.

The ‘Property Service Fee’ has also increased on the electric side of your bill. This is in order to recover the costs associated with maintaining your telecommunications system, meter and the equipment used for billing and collecting services.

A “Volume Balancing Adjustment” is included on natural gas bills from April to December to reconcile actual delivery service revenues with the approved annual revenue levels, based on predicted normal weather. The ‘Transmission Service Charge, however is designed to pay for the costs associated with transmission services.

Energy Saving Tips For Your Ameren Bill

There are a myriad of ways to save money and energy at home. Check out our Energy Saving Center for tips tools, how-to videos and tools. These simple projects, ranging from covering bare floor to cleaning the exhaust of your dryer can help you save money and cut your energy costs.

Ameren bills can be paid in person at one of our convenient locations. We offer same-day payments to help you save money on late payments and possible shut-offs. Check out our store locator to find an outlet near you. You will need to have a valid Ameren bill stub, the number of your account and the amount you’d like to pay. You can also use our convenient mobile app to pay.


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