An Ultimate Guide On Moroccan Rugs: Why Buy These?

The finesse and design of moroccan rugs are no secret. They are spread in homes, restaurants, hotels, and office areas to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place. But have you got any idea about what they are made of? Well, you shall know everything about them here. Read on!

What actually are Moroccan rugs?

Moroccan rugs and carpets are textile coverings for the floor, woven by the deft hands of tribal artisans in Morocco. Although people in Morocco prefer the rugs for utility purposes, people in other parts of the world love them for adorning their homes and ambiances. The carpets and rugs are available in different styles, and this variation is credited to the climates of the region in which they are created. Folk art patterns and designs, bold geometric shapes, etc., render these floorcloths so adorable to people around the globe. Their simplicity, unique primitivism, and exotic beauty are some of the irresistible and distinctive features that people appreciate so much.

Conventional Moroccan rugs are also known as Berber rugs since they are crafted by diverse Berber tribes residing in the Sahara and North Africa. Since every tribe experiences a varying climate, gets different minerals for dying rugs, etc., the art manifested in their creation differs greatly. The designs etched by the people of Berber tribes have come down to them through the ages. So, that was some fascinating account of Moroccan rugs.

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