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Proper research, preparation, and a lot of effort are all necessary for selling real estate. Even though most people hire real estate agents to sell their homes for them, it’s not hard to do it on your own. Since I sold my previous home on my own, I can offer some advice on how to sell a home without using a real estate agent

Sell without involving an agent

You’ll be in charge of everything, from marketing to negotiating, so you’ll need to be available around the clock to keep all the interested buyers occupied. Therefore, patience is an essential quality if you want to sell a home without professional assistance.

Another important task is determining your property’s current market value. You can do this by asking a local broker about the prices of properties with the built-up area, amenities, etc. that are similar to yours.

Avoid risk

You never know that working with an agent will give you a better understanding of the market than you do, so instead of saving money, you’ll be risking a lot. After all, whereas your expertise lies in a different field, an agent is fully engaged in the real estate industry.

You might over- or under-price your home without realizing the current market trend.

Online real estate

Now, what happened? There won’t be any buyers for your property for a long time. Online real estate advisories can help you find out what properties in your area are currently asking for, but you might end up selling your home for more than the asking price.

First, believe that your property is comparable to or superior to other properties in the neighborhood.

Select the price

┬áSecond, believing that the buyer would inevitably negotiate and lower the price, so why not set it higher? The property’s emotional connection may cause it to remain on the market for a longer period of time. To attract more attention, carefully price the property lower than the average asking price of similar properties in your area.

Paperwork required for house selling

Selling your house without an agent can cause buyers’ agents to avoid you. They take a step back because they are certain that they won’t get set up by a professional and, in fact, sometimes they are afraid to help the seller with the paperwork later and not get paid for it.

Who is an agent?

A buyer’s agent would never take his client to your property for strictly professional reasons. They might not show up if you’re selling your house for a lot less than the average asking price.

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