Ear wax

Earwax: What is it? How are you affected by impacted earwax?

Earwax, commonly referred to as cerumen, is created by the body to shield the ears. While the skin of your ear grows from the inside out, most of the time, chewing moves old earwax along the ear canal. When it reaches the outer ear, it flakes off. Earwax is produced in the outer part of the ear canal. Earwax is made up of dead skin cells, hair, and secretions from two different glands. We refer to an ear as being “impacted” when earwax has built up in the ear canal to the point that there may be signs that something isn’t quite right. Ears are capable of self-cleaning. Earwax buildup and obstruction frequently occur when people attempt to clean their ears with things like cotton swabs or bobby pins. By pushing the earwax deeper into the ear canals, this just causes ear damage. More information on it is available at https://deesideearcare.co.uk/earwax-guide/.

Strange Ear Wax Colors

Ear wax

If something is off, one of the most obvious irregularities you could see in your earwax is an abnormal colour like:

Remain calm if your earwax has turned black or dark brown. This normally merely means that your earwax has been sitting in the ear for a little bit longer than usual, despite the fact that it may appear alarming. Earwax may oxidise as a result and turn dark brown or black. This must be handled at our Aberdeen clinic that specialises in eliminating ear wax. On the other hand, if your earwax is white or light grey in colour, your ears can contain too many dead skin cells. This seems to occur commonly among eczema patients. The most common reason of green earwax is infection, but there are other potential causes as well. So, if you notice that your earwax is green, calling your physician might be beneficial. If you observe reddish earwax or earwax with crimson streaks running through it, there has probably been some small ear bleeding.

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