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How to pay a house to the notary: all the possible methods

When the time comes for the signing of the deed, you and the other person involved in the negotiation meet in the notary’s office in the presence of witnesses for the last steps necessary for the transfer of ownership. At the time of signing, the simultaneous payment of the missing part of the amount indicated in the preliminary agreement is also required. But how? This is how you pay for a house at the notary https://www.thehouseguysdc.com/sell-my-house-bethesda-md/

Wire transfer

In case of direct purchase without financing, it is possible to proceed with the payment of the deed by instant or traditional bank transfer. Receiving the amount due immediately after signing is a further assurance of the good faith of both parties. Each bank sets different limits to the money you can send by wire transfer. Before proceeding with the deed, we advise you to contact your branch for all the information.

Non-transferable bank check

We already know that the non-transferable bank check only offers you a partial guarantee. These letters of credit in fact constitute an undertaking , but do not ensure the actual availability of the amount in the buyer’s account.

Then there is to be clarified, for payment by check from the notary, how many days you have to cash it . It usually takes 8 days for payments “in the square”, i.e. within the same Municipality for the bank that issued the credit and the one that receives it, and 15 days if “outside the square”, therefore between different municipalities.

Wire transfer

Another very popular method is the bank transfer for the purchase of a house. For further protection of the actual balance, it may be a good idea to resort to instant bank transfer. In this case the payment takes place in real time in exchange for a commission – fixed or percentage on the amount – to be paid to the bank.


The Italian legal system sets limits for the possibility of making payments in cash . Over the years, the established threshold has changed several times , going from the 12,500 euros indicated in 2008 to the 1,000 established for 2022. These are almost always too low amounts to be able to cover a real estate down payment or a confirmation deposit.

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