The necessary things you have to know about dental whitening

When you enter a room the first thing that people will notice is your teeth. Some people believe that by having a bright white smile you can have confidence in yourself. It will also matter to everyone. It can be naturally dull from medical problems or habits such as drinking, smoking, and eating foods that can speed up the process.

Good thing that there is teeth whitening to treat your discolored teeth and bring back your smile. You have to know more facts about teeth whitening to gain more knowledge about it.

It is not open to all

The best way to have teeth whitening is in the dentist’s office as they create the highest quality for your teeth. Although before you will have this procedure the dentist will do a consult to check your health, teeth goals, and dental history. Having a consultation with your dentist beforehand is really important. This is to check whether you have issues in your teeth and gum which needs to be done before whitening your teeth. Most children that are younger, breastfeeding, or pregnant are not allowed to have this procedure.

Other treatment options

Visiting a store you will see different choices of teeth whitening. But there are only two options for teeth whitening: office and take-home treatment. The take-home treatment has molds that are filled with whitening gel and it needs to be applied continuously for several days. The dentist’s treatment has faster results and it uses a certain light and whitening gel.

It is safe to use

The teeth whitening products have to use a peroxide-based system. This treatment uses 35 to 40% hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has been used for years in dental treatments and it is known to be safe. But the FDA is not allowing these teeth whitening products to be used. It is because there is an effect of using hydrogen products in a concentrated amount.

The American Dental Association approved the use of these teeth whitening products. And not all products are safe to use but with proper care and application, it is safe to use.

You will experience teeth sensitivity

When the dentist performs the procedure it doesn’t mean that you won’t feel any side effects. There are still side effects for certain people; blistering or irritated gums. After your dental treatment and you experience these side effects you can reach out to your dentist to treat your teeth sensitivity.

The result will be different

After the treatment, there are certain people who have healthier teeth or the teeth are easier to absorb which gets whiter. There are some that take time to remove the stains. You can ask your dentist before starting the treatment what is the best thing to do after the treatment.

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