The Perfect Wedding Essentials: Make it Beautiful and Memorable!

A once-in-a-lifetime event with only the best people in your life and a lifetime promise to the one you love- who doesn’t love weddings? Because of this, not only does it have to be perfect, but it also has to be memorable (for you, your partner, and your guests!)

We want you to have only the best wedding, so we made a little compilation of the top things you should have in your wedding. Read on and ready your checklist to make sure that you have only the best wedding materials available!

1.  Appropriate Decoration

We cannot stress this enough: you should always have the appropriate decorations for your wedding! A mismatch in the theme and decoration could ruin your otherwise perfect day. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

For that theme, you could look at hanging flower setups or maybe even a flower wedding arch for that perfect grand entrance! Try to coordinate with your organizers to see what they can do.

2.  Guest List and Seating Arrangements

Be it an intimate or grand wedding, your event wouldn’t be complete without the guests who witness you and your partner’s vows to each other. A guest list is important to keep track of those who will attend your wedding and so you can budget for the costs needed to keep them fed and entertained throughout!

Seating arrangements, on the other hand, allow to seat certain guests with eachother. Typically, you seat those who are family or those who already know each other together. This makes them more comfortable talking with the people at their table.

3.  The Ring Bearer

You can’t deny that the ring bearer is one of the most important things in a wedding. They are the ones who deliver you and your partner’s ring to you. Usually, ring bearers are the child of the couple (the youngest, if you have multiple), but recently, people seem to like to assign the task to their pets!

Either way, dog or kid, whats important is that whoever they are- they are important to the both of you. It all boils down to your personal preference!


While there are still a lot of there are a lot of other important things you should have in your wedding, these are the top 3 you should prioritize! Having these ready will surely make your entire experience memorable and perfect! Until then, happy wedding!

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